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Dispatch Solutions

SOS Software helps dispatcher teams ease the stress and the workflow. Providing an easy way to enter load, access to over 40,000 live loads from various sources. Color coded Monitor so they can easily identify trips and available equipment. Once the load is entered, it is available thru out the process. Uploading documents so they can have easy access. Viewing the route for possible Gas Stations drivers can stop etc.

We provide real time location of your equipment with our GPS Integrations and the ability to communicate with drivers thru text messages. Communication can be done thru our mobile apps. Also provide alerts to your Brokers once the load has been picked up and delivered.
We have EDI (Electronic Device Interchange) receiving loads electronically from our Brokers. And updates are sent directly from system to system.
We can automatically put Fuel Cards on Hold, or activate them based on Pre established rules that you design.

Our Services include

Color Coded monitor

Access to over 40,000 live loads from various sources.
Alerts (including ETA / pending documentation etc.)
Driver Communication
GPS Integrations
Customer Portal
ELD Integrations
Fuel Integrations
Maintenance and Repairs Records and Alerts
Mobile Applications (for Android and iPhone)

Accounting Solutions

We are designed to address every need your company has. The Interface helps your accounting team process Owner Operators and Driver Settlements easily. We have automated fuel / cash and transcheck transactions imported daily to our software. Schedule deductions and have access to them easily so you don’t miss any of them. Create easy to understand reports for your Truck Owner and Drivers.

We will have your net fuel prices for the day, so we will take them into account when we suggest where to pump fuel along the route of your Loads, to secure thousands of dollars in savings. Your drivers wants to take a different route? No problem, a 5 second adjustment will resend the new fuel stations and how many gallons he will pump in each fuel station.
Invoicing and Factoring has never been this easy. We have Factoring Integrations with most Factoring Companies. You can send copy of your Paperwork to your Broker with no problem. We can send electronically all purchases, as well as receive all collections everyday, so your Aging is always up to date, effortless.
You might not use Nacha Files today to transfer instructions to your bank, but as your company grows, it is nice to know that SOS Software will adapt to your needs.

Our Services include


Factoring Integrations
QuickBooks Integrations (QuickBooks Online and Many Versions of QuickBooks Desktop)
Collections and Aging Reports
Driver Settlements and Scheduled Deductions
Fuel Card Integrations
MPG Reports
Track your unbilled Invoices
Track other bills and payments
Track your Uncollected Loads
Print your 1099s Reports
Other Reports