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SOS Software helps dispatcher teams ease the stress and the workflow. Providing an easy way to enter load, access to over 40,000 live loads from our Loadboard.

Color coded Monitor so they can easily identify trips and available equipment.

Once the load is entered, it is available thru out the process.

Uploading documents so they can have easy access. Viewing the route for possible Gas Stations drivers can stop etc.

We are designed to address every need your company has.

The Interface helps your accounting team process Owner Operators and Driver Settlements easily.

We have automated fuel / cash and transcheck transactions imported daily to our software.

Schedule deductions and have access to them easily so you don’t miss any of them.

Create easy to understand reports for your Truck Owner and Drivers.

What we do...

We serve Trucking Companies of all sizes, from 5 to 1000 Trucks, and we constantly help them grow by improving their efficiencies within their organizations and with their customers and vendors.

Our software is very user friendly, as well as friendly for integrations, so we can have real time data within SOS Software, from other systems that you currently use, like Fuel Companies, Factoring Companies, Load Boards, GPS & ELD Companies to name a few.

Did you know?

Easy to enter loads, upload documentation and create invoices with a single click. We have Mobile applications for your Android and iPhone that can easily help you keep track while you are on the road. Helping your drivers upload documents for each load.

We have EDI (Electronic Device Interchange) receiving loads electronically from our Brokers. And updates are sent directly from system to system.

see what customers are saying?

I just love the flexibility, we were able to purchase our own Software License, and that allows us to do any changes that we need in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Barbara A.Miami, FL.

Two of my favorite features of SOS is the Quickload Feature, I love it because it actually helps you negotiate a load and at the same time enter that load in the System. It's great because it saves dispatching time. The second features is that it integrates with external softwares, like GPS and Fuel providers.

Maricelis M.Miami, FL.

It has improved our customer service tremendously, before SOS everything took so much longer. We took so much time with tracking and billing. With SOS we grow so efficiently.

Blanca C.Miami, FL.

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We are a Customer Service Oriented company, and we are constantly trying to improve our Software Systems, based on new technologies, and feedback from our customers.

There is no finish line for Excellence!

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