Fuel Integration

- Fuel / Cash / Transchecks and Fuel Rebate must be reviewed daily and compared to the report provided by my Fuel Company in a daily manner.

Fuel Cards should not be recycled. The Fuel Company can send more. And you can avoid many problems.

Toll Integration

Imported Tolls must be reviewed daily and compared to the Toll Company report.

Fuel Prices

Uploaded Fuel Prices must be reviewed daily to ensure the accurate prices are uploaded into the system for the Fuel Stops used.

DOE Fuel Price

- Fuel price must be entered manually, in accordance with the dates used by the company.

Congestion Fees

Fees must be entered and updated manually according to the amounts used by the company.


Deductions / Payments for each Truck Owner / Driver must be reviewed to ensure the system applies charges accordingly.

Accounts creations to be used in Settlements

The users are responsible to create such accounts to be used in the Driver or Owner Operator Settlements, and update them accordingly so the system can process the Settlements correctly.

User Management

Users must be updated accordingly, (It is the Administrator User designated by the Customer, to update all users, give them their access, change their passwords, enable their users or disable their users, when they no longer work for the company). SOS is nor responsible for what the users do with sensitive information.


Verify that accounts mapping is done correctly and that all Invoices, settlements, and Collections are imported correctly using File Maker. Any discrepancies must be reported via email a timely manner.

Fuel Cards

Fuel Cards should be updated accordingly in the Driver form. And when the first import is done, fuel cards should be verified on the driver form.

CH Robinson

Clicking on the button BIN is the dispatcher’s responsibility because the load can’t be canceled from SOS. If done by mistake, the Customer’s user, must call CH Robinson directly to cancel that Load.

Driver/Truck Owner Pay Basis Updates

- Pay Basis Settings on Driver or Truck Owner Profiles must be updated as needed to ensure proper pay Calculation.